As Goes Janesville

AS GOES JANESVILLE reports from ground zero of America’s recession-ridden heartland — the city of Janesville, Wisconsin. When bankrupt GM shuts down the community’s century-old plant, forcing workers to leave their families in search of decent jobs, local business leaders seize the moment to woo new companies with the promise of lower wages, reduced regulation and tax breaks. Their powerful alliance with newly-elected Republican governor Scott Walker starts with an “open for business” manifesto but soon morphs into a “divide and conquer” anti-union crusade that rips apart the state, triggers an historic recall election, and thrusts Wisconsin’s civil war onto front pages worldwide. A cautionary tale for a polarized country falling short of the American Dream, the film follows three years in the lives of laid off workers struggling to survive, business leaders trying to reinvent their local economy, and a state senator caught in the middle, trying to negotiate a peace for his warring state while protecting workers’ rights. AS GOES JANESVILLE, so goes America.

The Broadcast version (56 min) premiered October 5th, 2012 on the PBS series Independent Lens and aired again on February 5th, 2013. It is supported by The MacArthur Foundation, ITVS, the International Documentary Association’s Pare Lorentz Fund, The Mary L. Nohl Fund, and PBS. It is a co-production between 371 Productions and Kartemquin Films.

The DVD with both the Broadcast and Theatrical (88 min) versions, Deleted Scenes, and Extras can be purchased for $29.95 here!


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Here is the Theatrical trailer and a 10 minute preview trailer of As Goes Janesville.

Film released: 2012. Buy As Goes Janesville