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When Claude Got Shot

Claude Motley thought he’d beaten the odds: a business owner who moved his family from the violence of Milwaukee, WI, to the suburbs of Charlotte, NC. Yet there he is on a trip home for a high school reunion: black male victim, 43, shot in the face during a carjacking. Two nights later, Claude’s assailant tries to rob nurse Victoria Davison, but she has a concealed carry gun and shoots him during the struggle. She feels a rush of guilt as she overhears the paramedics – the boy, Nathan King, is only 15 years old.

Nathan’s parents are devastated, he was attending a highly ranked suburban school where he was doing well. Now he’s charged with multiple crimes, and, worse yet, he’s paralyzed waist down. In a single weekend, three African-American families confront a harsh reality: there’s no escape from gun violence. Our film follows how each of their lives have changed and the implications their stories have for our society’s struggle to overcome gun violence.